• Quad-side fuel inspection during regular offload, without affecting the critical path
  • 5th camera or tilt function for bottom nozzle inspection
  • Customer adapted turnkey system with HW, SW, installation and commissioning, ready for use
  • Custom built 4-face fuel inspection software included. This features video recording, playback of recorded files, slow motion in playback mode, text and audio input in recorded files, image measuring


  • Inspection of all four sides and bottom nozzle of fuel assemblies simultaneously
  • Extensive zoom capabilities, x10 optical x10 digital, facilitate to find fuel failures
  • Monitor can shift between one-side or quad-side mode, showing either one side of the fuel or all four sides at the same time
  • Additional software available as option, e.g. bow measurement software for instant calculation of bending of fuel assemblies
  • Possibility to stream video over the NPPs computer network
  • Proven functionality, more than twenty five 4-face systems installed world-wide


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