Cameras for Nuclear Applications

Ahlberg Cameras is a radiation resistant camera supplier that offers below standard nuclear cameras as well as custom designed cameras.

The Hi-Rad XS is the standard camera at general underwater works in reactor pool, fuel pool and surrounding pools. In it´s third release is has been modified to also fit in air applications.

Radiation Tolerant Camera

The Hi-Rad S is used at standard underwater works. It can be exposed to higher levels of radiation than the XS model and is thus suitable for inspections in more critical areas.

Radiation Resistant Underwater Camera

The Hi-Rad L is even more protected against radiation than the S model and is suitable for inspection in high radiation areas and also for inspection of nuclear fuel.

Radiation Resistant Camera

Radiation Hardened Camera

PTZ620 is a small-sized underwater pan and tilt color camera. Thanks to the mirror, it resists high levels of radiation and is perfect for inspection in narrow areas.

Radiation Tolerant Camera

The Z71 is a HD color camera as all other of our cameras, however the camera head is not movable. This camera is thus used at fixed underwater inspection.

Z160 is used at underwater inspections of nuclear fuel at close distance. The mirror and extensive shielding enable provision of detailed imaging of highly irradiating material.

Nuclear Inspection Camera

High Radiation Cameras

The Mini-Rad F30 HD carries the latest radiation tolerant camera sensor technology. It provides users with HD color image in underwater or in air applications where earlier only black/white cameras could be used.