Turnkey CCTV System in Ukraine

Turnkey CCTV System in Ukraine

Background / Challenge

Rivne NPP is located near the town of Varash, Ukraine. Four units are in operation, units 1 and 2 are VVER-440, commissioned in 1980 and 1981. Units 3 and 4 are VVER-1000, commissioned in 1986 and 2004.

A closed-circuit television system, CCTV, was installed at RNPP unit 3 in 2018 in the fire/explosion-hazardous and non-serviceable rooms in the framework of implementing the “Complex (Consolidated) Safety Upgrade Programme of the Power Units of the Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants”. The three main tasks for the system were to provide:

• Early detection of hazardous conditions and faults (steam, smoke, fire and leakage) in the regulated zone during reactor operation. Timely notification of a hazard or failure is essential for correct decision-making by the operators.

• Video recording allowing retrospective evaluation of critical conditions.

• An overview of plant staff controlled access areas.

The areas and equipment of main interest were: reactor hall, steam generator room, emergency cooling rooms, valve control room, control room of MCP electric drives, valve room, hydro accumulator rooms and compensator room.

Our Solution

Suitable cameras in terms of radiation and temperature tolerance were chosen for the locations the plant had pointed out. Ahlberg specialists had to design a system that, in addition to visual surveillance, could also perform sound and temperature monitoring. Unique software was developed in which sound and temperature features were incorporated into basic video management software.

The final delivery included:

• 29 high, medium and low radiation and temperature tolerant cameras, both mobile and fixed

• LED spotlights for 24/7 operation

• Sound recording, including automatic detection of values above threshold

• Non-contact temperature measurement (IR) of objects in the camera field, including automatic detection of values above threshold

• 6 operator workstations with control software

• Centralized video management system with sound and temperature monitoring

• Active components of the transmission infrastructure


With the installation of the monitoring system, the level of nuclear and operational safety has increased, in accordance with current standards. The number of unplanned shutdowns due to unexpected failures are also considered to have been minimized.

During the trial operation of the CCTV, manufactured by Ahlberg Cameras AB, installed at RNPP unit 3, there were no major comments on equipment operation. Some minor failures which periodically appeared in the equipment operation were properly and timely removed due to the smooth cooperation of Ahlberg Cameras AB and SE Rivne NPP.

Igor Mogyla, Acting Chief Engineer, The First Deputy Director General