CCTV40 Thermal
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CCTV40 Thermal

Combined thermal and visual camera
CCTV40 Thermal

CCTV40 Thermal is a combined thermal and visual camera. Inside the camera, the thermal imaging sensor measures temperature differences of critical equipment and gives operators an early warning of undesired behavior. The visual sensor helps the operator with orientation in the room.


  • Camera for combined visual and thermal imaging of areas
  • Made for surveillance of rooms with critical equipment


  • Surface temperature measurement with high sensitivity
  • Compatible with Thermal Detection System software
  • Can be combined with LED light, microphone and pan&tilt unit
  • Helps to detect problems before they become costly failures


Dimensions (HxWxD)
240x130x110 mm
4 kg
Housing material
Anodized aluminum
Protection class
IP67 + steamproof
Operating temperature max
60 C
Radiation tolerance (dose rate)
1 Gy/hr
Radiation tolerance (total dose)
200 Gy
Visual sensor:
700 TV-lines
x10 optical x10 digital (x100 total)
Thermografic sensor:
IR resolution
640x512 pixels
Thermal sensitivity
<0.06°C @ 32°C (90°F) / 50 mK