• Mandatory rack to perform a 4-face fuel inspection. It contains:
  • -CCU705 Camera Control Unit for the 4 cameras on the camera frame
  • -CCU200 Camera Control Unit for 5th (bottom nozzle) camera
  • -L405 Light Power Unit for the 4 lights on the camera frame
  • -High resolution quad unit
  • -External 42” High Resolution Monitor
  • -Video encoder for streaming video over the NPP network
  • 4-Face Inspection Station computer with all features described under "Benefits"


  • The 4-face Inspection Station is a high-performing rack-mounted PC with pre-installed and preconfigured software
  • Fuel assembly name has to be inserted before recording - gives a well organized file directory
  • Date and time automatically inserted in the recorded images
  • Text, logos, date and time as well as Pan&Tilt values can be added to the video window.
  • Images can be inverted when using cameras that feature a mirror.
  • Adjustable speed at playing the recorded files, e.g. slow motion
  • Image measuring can be carried out.


Move your mouse over to magnify the image. While mouseover, use your scrollwheel to zoom in and out.